Thursday, February 11, 2016

An important message from Dear Leader Creighton

I have just been honoured with a glossy campaign leaflet from Lucinda Creighton, the glorious leader of Renua, in my letterbox. What has she to say?

Hard working mothers and fathers still pay at least half of what they earn in income tax! This is indeed startling news. Now, according to KPMG's handy tax calculator, if you're a couple, you start paying more than half what you earn at about the 770,000 euro mark (assuming you don't have a pension). So to all of you mothers and fathers out there earning less than that, sorry, you're not hard-working. Must do better. As to all of you who are neither mothers nor fathers, well, really, what more can be said?

It's good to know where Renua's definition of 'hard-working' falls, though.

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