Wednesday, March 24, 2010

High quality Dell BIOS updating tool

I just got an extra 2gb of RAM for my work computer, today, bringing me up to 4 (the poor thing's upper limit). So, I installed the memory (first removing and replacing the video card, because it blocks the things that hold the RAM in in this wonderfully well-laid-out computer), and rebooted. And found that my 64bit operating system could only see 3.2GB of RAM.

This turned out to be because the BIOS was reserving a whole load of it for nothing in particular (not just the famous graphics card reservation), so it was off to the Dell site for an update. Naturally, it could only be updated from Windows (non-Windows BIOS update tools being largely a luxury reserved for server boards), so it was another reboot into XP Pro (lucky I never deleted the partition), to be greeted with... this...


Please exits! No lowest-bidder tools for Dell! And then, when it was done...


Reboots are very exciting!

On the plus side, it worked, and I now have a luxurious 4GB. Makes such a difference; it feels like a new computer. I'm very tempted to get an extra 2GB for my laptop, to maintain parity.